Upcoming Events

Series 1 - A Woman's Work

November 3 @ 8pm, November 4 @ 4pm

Pia Bouman School, 6 Noble St

The A Woman's Work series explores topics related to gender/gender roles, women’s rights and roles in society and women’s stories related to their heritage, culture or individual experiences.

A post-show catered reception and cash bar takes place on Saturday and a moderated discussion takes place on Sunday.



Limited Seating, please purchase tickets in advance

$14-$18, available for purchase online below, or with cash only payment at the door

PWYC tickets - a limited number will be available at the door for Sundays' show

Tickets will be sold online up until 2hrs prior to the show after which they may be purchased at the box office 45min prior to curtain.


Julianne Chapple, Syreeta Hector, Tracey Norman and Nina Milanovski

Performances by:

Julianne Chapple, Maxine Chadburn, Syreeta Hector, Justine Comfort, Denise Solleza, Victoria Gubiani and Paige Sayles


Advance tickets

Photo by: Ed Spence

Featuring: Maxine Chadburn and Julianne Chapple, Choreographer: Julianne Chapple