Shakeil Rollock

When is enough really enough? Today I see the world enduring a lot, but it always seems to go further. I think, it seriously can’t get much worse, things will look up, but somehow there are instances that keep persisting testing the human condition. What would it take…begging…pleading.. a polite approach? When you’ve done all you can and you’re exhausted there comes a point where you simply want to say.. ok, I’m done, you can stop now.

I am curious to take what’s real and see how it can live again on stage. I’m have lately been more interested in taking a message and see how, through movement with the support of other aspects, it can be delivered to possibly start a dialogue.  I don’t have all the answers as a young artist, but it’s beautiful to explore the many questions proposed thus far.

It’s been an interesting process having access to space and bodies over the past year to bring these ideas to life. To see enactments of historical moments as well as personal responses embodied on various dancers. I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to present this idea for the second time and, with an altered cast, it’s been a whole new work. Taking influence from a Ryerson photo exhibit in 2013 (Human Rights, Human Wrongs), influences from our current state as well as personal reactions to what’s going on, the work has truly taken shape over the year. For me, it’s not necessarily about the final visual, but the intent behind it. What causes us to continually move forward? With all the information and news being constantly force fed to us, when will enough be enough?



Photo by Ken Dobb, Performers: Cheryl Chan, Emily Hobbes and Emilio Colalillo, Choreographer: Shakeil Rollock