Nicole Nigro



HUA (huu-aah) investigates shades of femininity.
The solo is an excerpt of SIMER, a full-length collaboration between myself and dance-theatre artist Heidee Alsdorf (USA/IT). As HUA (huu-aah) takes shape it is fleshy; full of soft, sharp, wet, round, and bouncy matter. Taking inspiration from cultural and social projections of what it is to be a woman, as well as personal experiences, I explore sensation and imagery in a decidedly effeminate space, my body. A dense, moist, hairy, weighted, bleeding, sagging, shiting, carrying, nurturing, loving feminine body.




Since our meeting in 2016, it has become typical of Heidee and I’s work to incorporate external materials such as eggs, fruit, wood, or water as stimuli for generating text, movement, and imagery. The primary materials of research and scenography for SIMER & HUA (huu-aah) are large pieces of lycra stretch-fabric and water sacks. We use the imbued objects in an attempt to extend and distort the body, providing tangible material to disguise, complicate, and heighten our fleshy explorations. The score is composed by sound designer Cory Neale (USA), with generous vocal contributions from Heidee Alsdorf, Kelsa Dine, Sherrie Ingram, Vanessa Jane Kimmons, Melanie Neu, Nancy Nigro & Lisa Stewart.
If I have understood anything in these weeks of creating the solo excerpt for Dance Matters, it is that I am incredibly grateful for the women in my life, inextricably linked to them, in their many beautiful forms. Heidee, you are here with me now, in fabric, sack, spirit, and sound.
Huge thanks to the Dance Matters team for this opportunity to present shades of me.

We should mark it?  Shall I label my compartments?

I have to give it a name? This is my round. 

My sag.

It’s simple. It has life. My yoddle.

I don’t have a name for it. My chew.

Are you breathing? This is my dangle.

I don’t have a name for it yet. My rub.

My glub.

It’s dying in some way. My huk...

Used.  My HUA.

Ongoingly. This is my fou.

I do not know its name. My slosh. My slap. My muk. My yuk.

This is my garble. My grab. My slick. My stew.




Photos of Nicole Nigro by Lucas Borges Diez