Meagan O’Shea


Vicarious Time, a new solo by Meagan O’Shea

An incantation, an exploration of time, a radical suspension of disbelief, long-distance healing, a collective migration. Pondering courage. In the face of all that scares us. A quest to bring beauty into focus. The reciprocal exchange of space we take up in the universe.

I made a new solo. It’s about time. I mean that in both the ways. It’s been a while since I made a solo that feels like the way I make solos. And the solo is about time, the variances in it, the different densities. The way it seems to change speed. The way the number of years we have lived seems to influence the speed at which the years go by.

I can remember in grade school, maybe after the winter break, someone talking about the summer. I thought “I can’t even imagine the summer. It is forever away.” I got married for a moment when I was 26. I still couldn’t fathom what wonders and transformations might have occurred by the time summer hit, let alone what 30 would be like. I still feel the same. I’ve been travelling a lot for almost eight years. I return to Toronto, see my friends’ kids and cannot believe how much has happened for them in any given period of time. I change locations a lot. Like 73 times in 2019. So time also moves fast for me. And a lot happens in any given period of time, but whenever I revisit the city and the friends and their children, it’s like I’m changing tracks on the railroad. It doesn’t erase all the places I’ve been since I last saw them, or the things I’ve done. Those live along one track. On the other track, this moment is beside the one where I last saw them. It’s the next stop on the line. These are multi-linnearities.

This is not what my solo is about.

I like to make solos that are like puzzles and I examine several of the seemingly random and unrelated pieces and eventually find a way to assemble them into a puzzle that creates a bigger picture.

With Vicarious Time, I am trying not to reassemble a puzzle for people. I am trying to examine several pieces and weave them together more loosely. I am leaving more room for poetic imagination.

Photo by: Reinaldo Ribeiro