Kiyo Asaoka

I fell in love with flamenco almost 20 years ago, right after I moved to Canada from Japan.
This art form with beautiful music and dance is full of history, tradition and life.
I feel every moment of my life exists in flamenco.
I feel flamenco mirrors my life. 
And that makes me think of myself, who I am, what I do and how I live.
It was few years ago that I felt I would like to try expressing my 'Japaneseness' with flamenco.
I met Aki, the composer of ‘Quemado’ and talked about it.
The day we got together and tried it out for the first time, we both felt our temperatures rose in conjunction with our rising emotions. We found the Japanese and Spanish elements were blending in together amazingly.
This inspired Aki and she composed the music right away.  
That’s how ‘Quemado’ was born; which means ‘Burnt’ in Spanish.
We felt burnt with passion and excitement in our art collaboration.
‘Quemado’ is a collaboration of traditional Japanese string instrument (shamisen), drum (taiko) and Spanish dance (flamenco).
The beat and sound created from the three materials are different but all passionate. 
The passion is burning like a big flame, but it’s not pushed out at the forefront.  It’s burning inside modestly and reservedly as symbolized in Japanese culture.
Dynamic yet elegant movements and fierce stomping in dance intertwine the reverberating shamisen and the taiko’s earth-moving pulses.


Photo credit: David Ohashi