Kaitlin Standeven & Allison Cummings

An interview between two collaborators with unique roles in one work.


Allison: Kaitlin, how bad does your body hurt when you finish a run of this solo?

Kaitlin: Epsom salt baths are a must. Haha. Though the longer I live in the world we’ve created the less it hurts.

Allison: Sorry.

Kaitlin: Are you ever perturbed by what you see?

Allison: Yes. Oh wait… in the piece? Or general life?

Kaitlin: Let's stick with in this piece.

Allison: Phew! Uhhh... yes actually. So the idea we are presenting is a being that has the ability to release the blood flow from her heart and in turn suck it all back in filling the organ. I am surprised at how the simple proposal of replacing the centre within the body this way can reveal such an unsettled quality of movement. It's been unpredictable as a creator and that excites me but also disturbs me. Has moving this way disturbed you? And how?

Kaitlin: Surprisingly, when inside of the work I am so consumed with following the “logic” of the proposal that it doesn't seem disturbing at all, in fact it seems normal. Ha! But saying that out loud may have disturbed me. We've often had moments where these states we've devised have suddenly become funny. Why do you think that is?

Allison: First off, the proposal is “logical”? Haha! I wonder if the humour comes when you become so embodied in the framework of the proposal that it rides that line of horror and comedy. Cause, really what a grotesque image if you really think about it. But it's also about control. So when you are put in the predicament of controlling your body with such a limiting idea, absurdity can surface in its unpredictability and timing. However, sometimes it's really the opposite and very difficult to watch. As the person embodying this, do you feel you know when a run-through of the work is going on a humorous path or in a darker direction?

Kaitlin: Wow. Hmmm. There are certainly moments when I am surprised at the things I find myself doing and even find them to be amusing. It is more often, however, that I am aware of when it is taking a darker direction, often when I feel moved by the emotion of the state. The sound that Val has created has also had an impact on the tone for me, offering or suggesting other possibilities that I am perhaps not feeling in the moment. How has the sound changed things for you?

Allison: Val's sound has solidified the idea and helped organize an environment that elevates the content which is emerging. Okay... I think we've taken up enough space with this conversation. Take a bath Kaitlin and get ready for the weekend of DM. And again, sorry.

Kaitlin: I've been in the bath the whole time.



Photo: Irvin Chow, featuring Kaitlin Standeven, Choreographer: Allison Cummings