Jane Alison McKinney


Endurance/ Survival/ Joy. 

She had to be okay in the end, that was all I knew.

I wanted it to be about joy. The idea came to me while I was dancing abroad two summers ago. I met all these bright people, and it was sunny every day. It was perfect. I wanted so badly to capture the feeling, to hold on to it. I wanted to feel like flying forever.

Things change quickly though, they shift, they always do.

So it’s more about finding joy in difficulty, or enjoying the challenge of doing that. It’s about literally letting go and catching the rebound. It’s about accepting that the reality you see is in many ways imaginary. Also yours, alone.

 It can be tricky to talk about fragility, or why the strong parts are different because of your own personal identity. It’s called Sparrow because I wanted to expose risk, but also fly; and because she is a spare, but I also wanted to spare her.

 “Fear no more, says the heart...”

Virginia Woolf, Mrs. Dalloway