Irma Villafuerte



My blood holds, without fully understanding,

the immense weight of unanswered questions,

not only of my own,

but of every woman before me.

Exile leads to search of new lands,

new opportunities,

inner peace… at least that is what most migrants hope for.

I began to acknowledge some other sides of me that were hard to face within the research of this work. It has taken many hours of solitude to find what I have been missing…

Grieving a grandmother I never knew,

Never held,

Never heard,

And forgetting those here and there.

The loss of comfort brought on by migration

It took for me to leave that land to value its teachings

To value the people who have imprinted me

It has taken me this time and will take me more to get close

This work is about the disconnections and reconnections of family and land memories

I dedicate this to every marshmellow my living grandmother gave me every time I visited her in Merliot

I dedicate this to the small steps and humming voice of my grandfather

I dedicate this to the steaming bright Salvadorian sun

To cerro San Jacinto

and my almond tree

I dedicate this to the 5 am freezing baths en la pila of my house

I dedicate this to my mother

Who I have resented and thanked for taking me there and here, and there again

I dedicate this to my father who I grieve and yet miss

I dedicate this to my missing grandmother,

That if I had the chance to give this all up,

trade sitting here writing this reflection for the chance to know her for just one day...

I would

I also dedicate this to all migrant people ripped away from what they know,

and spend a lifetime erasing borders

in order to belong here and there.


Creation, Concept and Performance by Irma Villafuerte
Direction and Dramatugy by Alejandro Ronceria