Geneviève Robitaille


Bienvenue chère enfant

Who is on stage? My alter ego Ève-Marie Marie. She materialized in 2010 from the collective duet Sopopera, through artistic installations and performances, photographies and videos. Ève-Marie lived and breathed as part of my creative process until my dance practice took her place. In 2017, I began to reflect on my past in visual arts and a desire to rekindle that side of me began to smolder. I felt the need to merge my current medium of dance and my previous background in visual arts. And from that fusion, Ève-Marie was reborn.

I use Eve-Marie Marie as permission. She is a step back from me and at the same time she shows me what’s important, what I stand for as an artist, what I fear of as a human. She is a framework in which I allow myself to explore overindulgence, absurdity and excess, to amplify outwards what I would otherwise keep to myself. I’ve always cherished theater, storytelling and film, and I found in her my own way to be an actress. I’ve been part of many collectives and enjoy the process of collaboration, yet I’ve always been an independent person. Now, I feel a calling to establish that independence in the form of my own choreography and solo performance. Still I want to access that exchange of ideas, and the presence of Ève-Marie provides this dialogue.

I started imagining her as a soloist, addressing themes that I simply wouldn’t by myself. What would be her world? Her thoughts? How would she move? Can she talk? Through dance and performance art I get to know her a little bit more each time. So now I’m thrilled to present her in flesh to the world. 



Photo 1: Ève-Marie Marie: Credit: Geneviève Robitaille 

Photo 2: Ève-Marie Marie 2: Credit: Marion Desjardins