Dipa Talukder


The piece I will be performing at Dance Matters is very close to my heart. It has been choreographed by my very dear teacher, Sandhya Desai. It is about a woman’s relationship with the man she loves and depicts the various emotions she goes through in her relationship - happiness, sadness, anger etc.  Throughout the performance, you will see that love is a constant thing. This particular performance is based on the love story of Radha and Krishna. Although Radha goes through various emotions in her relationship with Krishna, at the end she surrenders to her love for Krishna. It is a reflection of what women go through in their relationships. The theme of the upcoming event is about A Woman’s Work. I am excited to present this piece which tells the story of an epic love story in Hindu mythology focused on women’s emotions.

Many, many thanks to my dance guru Sandhya Desai for choreographing this piece for me and constantly believing in me for every performance that I do.

Photo of Dipa by Amit Jagdish