Chloe Hart


When I began this piece, I knew I was setting myself up with an impossible task, and that is precisely what excited me about it. Consequence(s) is an exploration of archive, trace and memory, and yet it is ever transforming. I have been working on this baby since fall of 2017 and it has been a fulfilling and challenging process that is (still) definitely not over… I am realizing now it may never be. It has seen changes in cast, three entirely different versions of the music, and runtimes of 7, then 10, then 25 and now 17 minutes. Many hands have moulded this piece, and this piece tries to create moulds of those hands. So, in the spirit of the work, I’d like to make this blog post an ode to all the artists that have contributed to Consequence(s).



To Cara and Hugo, who have been in this with me since the beginning: I owe you big time! Thank you so much for sticking it out with me. You are two unbelievable talents who I feel so honoured to be working with.

To Gina and Justine: you are the building blocks of this piece and we still feel the traces of you in every moment of it, even the new ones. Thank you for everything you gave us.

To Lucy and Camille: I am so grateful for your willingness to dive in, and for bringing yourselves into the piece. Thank you for your questions, your proposals and your energy. You reinvigorated both myself and this piece in a way we so desperately needed!

To Aly and Kennedy: Although your time with us was short, your presence made all the difference! Your respective expertise, in fields of which I have no knowledge, allowed this piece to take on new dimensions, in texture and shape, sound and character. Thank you for all you have contributed.

To everyone who gave witnessed this piece: you put your thoughts on paper, and we put this paper on us… You could say your feedback has been applied!

Here’s to more shaping and reshaping of this collection of traces. I can’t wait for Dance Matters and its audience to leave its mark on this piece!




Photograph #1: Camille Trudel-Vigeant, Cara Roy & Lucy Fandel

Photograph #2: Lucy Fandel

Photographer by: Kiana Brett

Video: Camille Trudel-Vigeant

Choreographer: Chloe Hart