Bailey Eng

What shapes our inner and outer influences of identity? In developing as a hybrid of multiple practices – contemporary and urban dance, circus, and parkour – I also recognize social and cultural elements that also influence my work: female, Chinese-Canadian, anglophone, mid-twenties, living in Montreal, born and raised in Alberta, athlete, artist. Ingrained into my process and a recurring theme of my identity is in between, belonging to none and many.

I am driven by the impossible task of satisfying while defying existing labels and forms. I am interested in challenging what is acrobatic and/or dance, by pushing the capacity of aesthetics found in contemporary and urban dance, expertise of circus technique, and philosophies of parkourIn valuing virtuosity in disguise and live problem solving, I play with illusions of moving in or out of “the box”, enjoying being on the edge.

I am fascinated by the challenge and magic of communication between different languages – misinterpretations that inspire, ideas lost in translation that bring clarity, the charged time between persistence and acceptance, distinguishing reference and nuance. I am interested in what language (physical and verbal) speaks about culture. Not about translating from one language to another, but rather what do we communicate within and without? This piece explores the frustrations and revelations which fuel the exchange between an understanding of self and an understanding of others. I embrace the in between, risking belonging to none, inherently belonging to many. 

Photo: Bailey Eng by Michael Montanaro