Artist Blog

Read up on our upcoming performance series artists!

Each artist will submit content related to the work they are presenting and their process in their own format, including photos and videos. These blogs will be posted during the weeks leading up to each show.

You can find the links to the blogs on the sidebar menu and they will also be posted here when there is content uploaded!

Into the Fire

Kiyo Asaoka - Artist Blog #1

David Albert-Toth - Artist Blog #2

Jason Martin & Janelle Hacault - Artist Blog #3

Alias Dance Project - Krista Newey - Artist Blog #4

Drunk On Fiction

Riley Sims - Artist Blog #1

Riley Sims - Artist Blog #2

A Woman's Work:

Jane Alison McKinney - Artist Blog #1

Bettina Szabo - Artist Blog #2

Louis Laberge-Côté - Artist Blog #3

Audrey Rochette - Artist Blog #4

Lucy Rupert - Artist Blog #5


Photo of Lauren Cook and Francesca Chudnoff by Sam So, edits by Francesca Chudnoff